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Congratulations to Montseratt Fernandez on having the highest score in the country on the Music Development Program Level 1 Examinations! 

Voice Lessons for Teens & Children 

Soprano, Voice Teacher

Highland Park, Illinois 

Student Spotlight

Children and teens who enjoy singing will be challenged while having fun. Whether exploring singing for the first time, or preparing for a conservatory audition, Sarah will guide you towards finding your voice. ​

Some of things children learn and achieve through private lessons through age appropriate repertoire are :  

1. Gain Confidence 

2. Learn correct posture 

3. Pitch/ Solfege 

4. Rhythm

5. Reading and writing notes 

6. Clapping and counting basic rhythms 

7. Musical terms and symbols

8. Ear training 

9. Diction

10. Character and stylistic choices 

11. Stage presence 

The Musical Development Program  Children taking private lessons are encouraged to participate in the The Royal Conservatory's Music Development program, beginning with the prepratory level. More information can be found here:

The Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program (The Music Development Program) provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels.The Achievement Program is a comprehensive program that allows students of all ages and ability levels to participate. While the higher-level diplomas of this program reflect entrance requirements for many university and conservatory programs, anyone can begin their study of music with The Achievement Program. The recognized national standard and sequenced levels of assessment allow all students to track their progress and celebrate their accomplishments. The program encompasses technique, repertoire, and musicianship. More information can be found here: The Music Development Program. 

Students as early as age 7 may begin The Music Development program. Another program is used for very young singers to prepare them for The Music Development Program. 


Does my child need to be able to read music to take voice lessons? 
No, and it isn't expected. However, they will learn some fundamentals along the way, especially if working in line with the Music Development Program. 

What kinds of songs will he/she learn? 
​I like to keep things age appropriate. I have a large variety of repertoire for children such as Disney, folk, classical children's songs, and musical theater. 

What will my child learn by participating in the Music Development program? 
In the preparatory level, they will learn and perform two songs from memory and recive constructive feedback. Beginning with level one, they will learn to sight read, sing intervals, and learn musical elements such as dynamics and recognize rhythmic patterns. The level of difficulty progresses with each level. 

We have an audition coming up, what should we work on? 
​The more time we have to prep, the more confident your little singer will be! If this is for a musical, we will make sure your child is prepared with the correct notes and rhythms of their audition piece. From there, we will tackle the song from many angles such as technique and performance. If you don't have a song picked out, I will suggest one. Just let me know the audition requirements (16 or 32 bars, or an entire song). 

What is your experience with children and teens?

Sarah has taught many children and teenagers who perform professionally and have been leads in professional performances of shows such as Billy Elliot (Broadway in Chicago), and in Hephestus (Goodman Theater, Chicago), National Young Arts winners,  as well as school and community productions.

Besides teaching private lessons for the past 16 years, Sarah has worked with children in the following capacities: ​ Lyric Opera of Chicago: Teaching Artist: 7 years Chicago Broadway Studio: Director and Teacher Sherwood Music School: Choir Director Metropolis Performing Arts School: Head of Voice department, Choir, private voice teacher.