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Highland Park, Illinois 

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"I have studied with Sarah Schroeder for the last year.  The product of my voice going in and the one you hear today can barley becompared due to the fact that it is an entirely new voice.  The depth and quality of my tone, understanding of the techniques taught, andability to sing in ways I have not before are all due to the knowledge, patience, and talents of Sarah Schroeder.  Although a classical singer herself, she is able to teach how that type of singing can be branched out to all areas of singing.  Longevity of the voice is always a top focusand you cannot help but feel safe with your voice her hands.  Aside from singing, she is kind, caring, and a great listener."  -Matt Mitchell CAP21 Conservatory                                 

"Your teachings helped me to stay centered and relaxed during the whole recording process and also helped me to sing out!   I couldn't have made this record this well without your teachings. Thank you!”   -Ann Schaeffer    

​“Sarah Schroeder provides conscientious, patient, and concise instruction and direction as a vocal instructor. She demonstrates clear understanding and knowledge of all of the variables involved in developing, strengthening, and discovering the voice capabilities and short comings in her students with persistent aim for excellence. She is a clearly supportive, directive teacher who leads without letting you know she is leading, and follows in ways to make it feel like the student is leading. I highlyrecommend her as a voice teacher for children, adolescents, or adults.” -Michelle Alexander    

"I just wanted to thank you for everything this summer. By the end of last semester, I was so frustrated with trying to turn my voice into what I wanted it to be that I forgot why I was singing in the first place. Working with you helped me figure out what I could be capable of, and now I have a realistic way of achieving it. I've spent two years trying to change my voice into something it wasn't, but now I think that there might be a place for my type of voice in musical theater, even if it takes awhile to figure out exactly what that is. I'm excited about singing again, and for a lot of last year, that wasn't the case. Thank you for helping me get to that point!"-Kari Nelson, Theater Intern, NYCDepauw University     

“I had never had any training and came to work with Sarah to help me with my church singing. As a 50+ year old male I had limited range and hadn't established the kinds of behaviors and good vocal habits that would allow the kind of progress I desired. Sarah is a working professional and a wonderful teacher. She practices what she preaches! With her patience, talent, and skillful guidance I made a big leap in my singing proficiency. There have been many 'aha' moments for me through the course of my work with Sarah. In addition, she's helped me clear away much of the confusion and mis-perceptions I've had about what makes 'good singing'. It's not a mystery. Making progress with my voice can be a daunting task. It begins with the right kind of instruction. And I get that from Sarah. The progress continues with the right kind of practicing, and Sarah teaches me how to do that as well.” -John C. Keith    

 “Sarah is a brilliant voice teacher. I was an absolute beginner to singing and Sarah has really helped me come a long way since I started. She is patient and understanding, and really focuses on developing the fundamentals. I found her to be extremely passionate about her work and dedicated to the growth of her students. It’s a pleasure studying with her and I have found her to be a real inspiration! “-Anshul Mather      

 “Sarah Schroeder is without a doubt one of the best voice teachers in Chicago.  Khori's talent has grown so much under Sarah's guidance. Being that my daughter is a professional singer and actress, it was important for me as a parent to find someone who would not only properly cultivate her vocal ability, but do so in a relaxed, caring atmosphere.  I wouldn't think of going anywhere else! To hear vocal samples of Khori Faison please visit .”-S. Faison   

 “It was such a pleasure to take lessons with you. I felt it was invaluable to develop my skills to a higher level. Thank you for the opportunity. “-Sera Chung    

"Not only is Sarah a talented professional singer, but she is also a compassionate and patient teacher who is friendly, productive and a pleasure to work with! She is down to earth, skilled and a wonderful communicator that I would highly recommend her!"-Stephanie Durant Colleague, Metropolis Performing Arts Center    

“Sarah’s ability to engage her students, get them excited to perform, and sing with excellence is amazing!”-Jacinta Wallace Sherwood Conservatory of Music    

​ “Dear Sarah, you are by far one of the best voice teachers there is.  Before we met, I was unsure of my vocal abilities and now I'm certain I have what it takes to succeed in this competitive musical marketplace. Thank you Sarah for everything, and continue to put smiles on the faces of those who are in need of vocal assistance.”-Rachael Wade    

​“Sarah, Just wanted to let you know that you working with me yesterday helped me a lot with the audition today.  Before I went to the audition, I warmed up and practiced what we did with "Why Can't You Behave" and "Always True to You in My Fashion."  I felt confident, and I thought it went very well.  Thank you for your help! "-Beth "Lara Rose" Johnson

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About Sarah Schroeder

Sarah teaches voice and accent modification in Highland Park, Illinois. Until recently, she taught privately at Chicago's historic Fine Arts Building for twelve years. Prior to this, she taught undergraduate voice at Belmont University working with bluegrass and country singers, and was the head of the voice department at the Metropolis Performing Arts School in Arlington Heights.   

    Sarah’s students include singers of all ages and levels from beginners to touring members of Broadway In Chicago musicals, as well as commercial and recording artist. Her students have performed at The Goodman Theater, Second City, and as leads in musicals and operettas in the greater Chicagoland area. Sarah has prepared high school students who have auditioned for and been accepted to nationally recognized performing arts schools and conservatories for both classical voice and musical theater.  

    For eight years, Sarah was a teaching artist   with The Lyric Opera of Chicago's OperaKids!  program. This year long residency in Chicago public schools focuses on integrating opera into age appropriate curriculum. During this program, Sarah produced and directed an opera written by the students during this residency, as well as Stone Soup, an opera commissioned by the Lyric Opera of Chicago for this program. 

    As an instructor of musical theater, Sarah co-founded two training programs: The Chicago Broadway Studio, an avenue for training young singing actors, and The Broadway Vocal Arts Summer Intensive Program for college students.

    A member of the National Association for Teachers of Singing, Sarah served on the board for six years as co-chair for the Musical Theater competition and as an adjudicator for both musical theater and classical competitions. She was awarded a National Association for Teachers of Singing Independent Teacher Fellowship in 2011. 

   Sarah holds a Master of Music degree in Vocal Pedagogy & Performance from Belmont University and a Bachelor of Music in Performance from Samford University with continued studies in vocal pedagogy with Richard Miller and David Jones. 

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Each singer is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your full potential. Tailored to you--your genre, your experience, your one-of-a-kind challenges, Sarah’s approach to vocal training and the art of singing is based on physical and cognitive awareness as well as a strong foundation of musical and vocal technique.