Soprano, Voice Teacher

Highland Park, Illinois 

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Who do you teach?

I teach a large variety of people. Beginners, those with formal musical training and those without, those in professional productions and those who sing in the shower. I teach those in church choir and those in bands. I have taught gospel, bluegrass rock, folk, and singer-songwriter  recording artist as well. 

What do you teach?
I focus on striving for a solid, healthy technique. Included in this are exercises for breathing, agility, range extension, and longevity of the voice. Each singers voice is unique, and I will help you bring out your voice. Therefore, students receive various training based on their particular needs.
What is a typical lesson like?  During a first lesson, I'll hear you sing a song, or part of a song to assess where to begin. From there, I'll determine what technique issues we need to first address and will give you warmups specific to those needs. We will do many vocal exercises tailored to your specific needs. We may spend 20-30-40 or a whole hour on vocal exercise. We will also work on songs that you bring in, or that we pick out together.

I have an audition coming up. Can you help? 

Absolutely!  I'll help you find appropriate cuts of music, we will work on technique, and performance.  What should I bring to the lesson?  A song (a cappella or bring sheet music), something to record your lesson with, and water. Singers need to be watered!  What's the difference between a voice teacher and a vocal coach?  A voice teacher is someone who will help predominantly with vocal technique. A vocal coach is someone with a piano background that may help more with style and accompaniment. 

Do you teach all styles?

Yes, I teach healthy technique to singers of all styles. While I specialize in opera and musical theatre, many of my students work solely on technique related to other genres. Vocal technique varies a little from genre to genre, and we explore what the changes are for each genre including belting.  What about Rock singers?  We explore technique for the individual singer, finding what sound works best for each student, and feels most natural. Pop singers use various techniques in singing including modal voice, belt, head/falsetto, vocal fry, and occasionally, whistle tone. Depending on the demands of your particular style, we will explore ways to help you achieve these tones. 

I don’t read music, can I still take lessons? 

Absolutely! If you desire to learn to read music, we will work on that together. 

How long are lessons?  

I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. You may choose to take lessons once a week, or multiple times a week depending on your goals.

Who are your students? What are their accomplishments? 

Many of my students are in local musical productions. I teach singers who perform with opera companies, hold church and cantor positions, professional children/youth in musicals in Chicago, singer-songwriters, recording artist, and absolute beginners. Many of my students have gone on to conservatories to continue training throughout college.