Children’s Voice Lessons

  • Teaching artist, Chicago Lyric Opera Education program- serving as a director and working with hundreds of elementary aged children coaching them on acting, script writing, and of course, singing!

  • Private Voice Instructor to Broadway in Chicago performers

  • Private Voice Instructor & Head of Department at Metropolis Performing Arts Center for 5 years.

  • Multiple students have received First Class with Honors and are National Gold Medalist in the Royal Conservatory of Music Program.

  • Founder, Broadway in Chicago Children’s workshop

  • RCM certified teacher

Opportunities For Children

  • Biannual Recitals

  • Competitions (as appropriate)

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program

  • Demo Recording

Some things we may work on

  • Audition Coaching: song/cut selection, vocal technique & acting

  • Pitch/ Solfege

  • Rhythm

  • Posture

  • Sight reading

  • Musical terms and symbols

  • Ear training

  • Diction

  • Character and stylistic choices

  • Stage presence

  • Picking out and learning songs

Sarah Schroeder is without a doubt one of the best voice teachers in Chicago. Khori’s talent has grown so much under Sarah’s guidance. Being that my daughter is a professional singer and actress, it was important for me as a parent to find someone who would not only properly cultivate her vocal ability, but do so in a relaxed, caring atmosphere.
I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!
— Susan Faison