Sarah’s first teaching experience was at Belmont University. She taught undergraduate musicians who were singer songwriters, bluegrass, and CCM musicians.

Today, Sarah works with singer song-writers who perform and record in Chicago.

We may address

  • Vocal technique

  • Honing in on your unique vocal style

  • Breath technique

  • Vocal Style

  • Mic technique

  • Word placement

  • Musical notation

  • Demo Recording

  • modal voice

  • belting

  • head/falsetto

Your teachings helped me to stay centered and relaxed during the whole recording process and also helped me to sing out!
I couldn’t have made this record this well without your teachings. Thank you!
— Ann Schaeffer, Songwriter & Recording Artist
Dear Sarah, you are by far one of the best voice teachers there is. Before we met, I was unsure of my vocal abilities and now I’m certain I have what it takes to succeed in this competitive musical marketplace.
Thank you Sarah for everything, and continue to put smiles on the faces of those who are in need of vocal assistance.
— Rachel Wade
Sarah is a brilliant voice teacher. I was an absolute beginner to singing and Sarah has really helped me come a long way since I started. She is patient and understanding, and really focuses on developing the fundamentals. I found her to be extremely passionate about her work and dedicated to the growth of her students. It’s a pleasure studying with her and I have found her to be a real inspiration!
— Anshul Mather
I have to say that Sarah McIntyre (Schroeder) is the absolute best when it comes to any type of vocal or singing lessons. I grew up very self conscious with a severe speech impediment, and Sarah instilled confidence and self assurance when I didn’t even know I had any. She’s patient, understanding, and absolutely brilliant. She took me from being afraid to have my voice recorded to me actually recording and singing my own songs and sharing them with people.
I owe a lot to her for this, and I urge anyone reading this who is considering voice lessons of any kind to go and see Sarah, you will not be disappointed. Everyone else is just second rate, period.
— Andrew Funk