Classical Singers

We may address

  • Vocal Technique

  • Breathing

  • Vocal Style

  • Diction (French, German, Italian, English)

  • Acting for opera

  • Performance Anxiety

Classical Students have worked or performed with

  • Solo Recitals

  • Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company

  • The Savoyaires Opera Co.

  • Local Competitions

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Participants

  • Classical Singer Competitions

  • NATS competitions

  • Professional church musicians

Sarah Schroeder provides conscientious, patient, and concise instruction and direction as a vocal instructor. She demonstrates clear understanding and knowledge of all of the variables involved in developing, strengthening, and discovering the voice capabilities and short comings in her students with persistent aim for excellence. She is a clearly supportive, directive teacher who leads without letting you know she is leading, and follows in ways to make it feel like the student is leading. I highly recommend her as a voice teacher for children, adolescents, or adults.
— Michelle Alexander, Classical Singer and Choir Director
I had never had any training and came to work with Sarah to help me with my church singing. As a 50+ year old male I had limited range and hadn’t established the kinds of behaviors and good vocal habits that would allow the kind of progress I desired. Sarah is a working professional and a wonderful teacher. She practices what she preaches! With her patience, talent, and skillful guidance I made a big leap in my singing proficiency. There have been many ‘aha’ moments for me through the course of my work with Sarah. In addition, she’s helped me clear away much of the confusion and mis-perceptions I’ve had about what makes ‘good singing’. It’s not a mystery. Making progress with my voice can be a daunting task. It begins with the right kind of instruction. And I get that from Sarah. The progress continues with the right kind of practicing, and Sarah teaches me how to do that as well.
— John C. Keith, Church Musician
Not only is Sarah a talented professional singer, but she is also a compassionate and patient teacher who is friendly, productive and a pleasure to work with! She is down to earth, skilled and a wonderful communicator that I would highly recommend her!
— Stephanie Durant, Colleague & Opera Singer, Metropolis Performing Arts Center
Sarah’s ability to engage her students, get them excited to perform, and sing with excellence is amazing!
— Jacinta Wallace, Sherwood Conservatory of Music